• Wet "Humidity hangs like a presence about the graveside . . ."
    • (First published in Faith Today, July/August 2000; awarded Canadian Church Press 2001 first place in the narrative fiction/nonfiction category. [Judges' comments: "You take the reader inside the protagonist's mind and body by starting in a place of grief and mystery . . . descriptive detail is sensuous, layered and real."] Subsequently won Honorable Mention in the 2014 Tom Howard/John H. Reid Fiction and Essay Contest. This story is followed by an interpretive theological commentary and qualification.)

  • Thaw "It is snowing in Istanbul."
    • (Received 2013 Graham Greene Award [Athanatos Ministries] as well as Honorable Mention in the 2014 Tom Howard/John H. Reid Fiction and Essay Contest.)

  • Afloat "Lake spray splattered Shannon's face as the jetski skimmed the surface like skipping stone . . ."
    • (First published in Young Salvationist, 1999)

  • Delivery "He is an old man. His skin has given up its juices to the smokehouse heat of his summer field, the heat from the cabless, blistered tractor lurching over the ruts . . ."
    • (First published in War Cry, 2000)

  • The Great Stoop "The large toe on Dale's right foot is throbbing already, on the 8:10 bus to work — because of the new shoes, partially . . ."
    • (A short story referring to Lucifer's avarice [Isa. 14: 12-14] and Christ's incarnation [Phil. 2:5-11])

  • Blue Genes "'I'll bring her on in!' I yell to Dad, who is loping away through shreds of rotting snow towards Jenny at the far side of the grassland pasture. I want to be alone anyway, and making sure one cow gets back to the corrals is an easy enough job . . ."
    • (A short story for teens, followed by brief authorial reflection on the theme of forgiveness)

  • In the Belly "The rhythmic creaking of an unlatched galley door and the engine's laboured whine were keeping Johanna awake — that, or her clamorous thoughts . . ."
    • (A short story based on the book of Jonah)