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THE THIRD GRACE (award-winning novel)
The Habitation of Chimham Publishing
July 1, 2017
278 pages
ISBN: 978-1547272013
(Reprint; first edition 2011)

The Habitation of Chimham Publishing, 2015
221 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9899696-2-8

WELCOME, Press and curious onlookers. On this media page you will find headshots; a profile summary and short bio; links to my CV and press releases, and to book excerpts, reviews, and interviews. Don't miss the lovely, two-minute video of my novel's trailer, and feel free to snag any of the info herein to share with others. Please contact me for more information tailored to your specific needs.

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Deb Elkink (2008) THE THIRD GRACE book cover Cover of Roots and Branches
2008 The Third Grace Roots and Branches


Deb Elkink lives with her husband in a cottage beside a babbling creek in rural Alberta, Canada. She grew up in Winnipeg and attended college in Minneapolis-Saint Paul (BA Communications), publishing her first short stories and articles. She married and spent twenty years as a Saskatchewan ranch wife and homeschooling mom (when she rounded up cattle on horseback and cooked for huge branding crews). Graduate studies (MA Theology) then prepared her to edit doctoral dissertations, a professional quarterly magazine, and an online expository Bible study. Today she writes, edits, and teaches, and she loves speaking to women's groups about the Christian faith. Her debut novel, The Third Grace (2011), received Canada's prestigious Grace Irwin Award, and her literary study on the fiction of G.K. Chesterton, Roots and Branches, was published in 2015.


I have broad life experience and am effective in artistic communication and interpersonal skills, holding a BA in Communications (Bethel, MN) and an MA in Theology (Briercrest, SK). I edit academic projects for PhDs internationally (dissertations and journal articles) and have published a nonfiction book, Roots and Branches: The Symbol of the Tree in the Imagination of G.K. Chesterton (2015). However, my love is fiction; my debut novel, The Third Grace, was royalty published December 2011 and received the coveted Grace Irwin Award for Canadian Christian book of the year. I've freelanced various short stories and magazine articles over the years, with more than thirty nonfiction pieces appearing in a national legal quarterly for which I acted as staff writer and assistant editor. I also work with theologian Dr. Grant C. Richison, having co-edited his award-winning apologetics book and continuing to edit his online expository Bible study circulated worldwide to over 135,000 daily subscribers. I speak to various groups on subjects including the craft of writing, literature as it relates to the Bible, and living out the Christian faith. I travel widely for pleasure — so far, to thirty countries on five of seven continents, having sojourned several months in both Mexico and France.

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